About Verusca

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Verusca Walker is a Brazilian born artist living in Australia for the past 18 years.

With a background in Fine Art and Bakery, Verusca loves to mix mediums to create amazing cakes.

She is well known for her colourful and sparkly cakes and for 3D cakes that appear very life-like that defy gravity.

Her work as been featured in numerous magazines and websites.

Verusca travels all over the world teaching the art of cake decorating and also has an Youtube channel with free tutorials.

With 10 year career and over 70.000 followers on social media, Verusca Walker always make sure to connect with her followers and help with tips, tricks and feedback.

Her passion for cake art and her fun personality makes her classes I must have experience.


  “I decided to mix both of the industries and make edible art.”  Verusca Walker

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