How healthy fats, legumes, grains and nuts keep you healthy

When it comes to healthy fats and omega 3 fatty acids, the best source of protein, we can’t but mention fish and seafood, the richest sources of all mentioned without any doubt what so ever. Seafood and fish are rich in protein but they have something else that your body needs to remain healthy. Omega-3 fatty acids are also known as healthy fats and they are immensely important for your health.

Eating seafood and fish is the most recommendable thing if you want to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. These foods are the best substitutes to replace poultry and meat in your diet. Healthy acids are also paramount for the health of your internal organs but particularly the brain. They help to protect it against the plethora of various diseases such as cancer and inflammatory processes.

Eating seafood

There are two types of healthy fats that are the most important for your body and those are DHA and EPA. Both types are found in oysters, tuna, shellfish, trout and salmon. These foods contain high quantities of healthy fats and are more than good for your health.

These fats are found in other types of foods as well. Vegetable oils like canola or olive oil are rich in healthy fats but nuts, flaxseed and avocado also contain high quantities of healthy fatty acids. Still, like with red meats, too much of it will do no good to your health. A moderate intake is a key to staying healthy.


Whole grains against obesity

Besides being rich in protein, legumes, grains and nuts are also rich in unsaturated fats and other substances that will do only good to your health. Eating lots of such food as a meat substitute would be a good choice but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on meat completely. It rather means that you have to find a balance and not eat both foods in large quantities each day. Moderate your diet and food intake in a way that does good to your body. If you eat meat three times a weak, eat other foods the rest of the weak.

The fact is that you need all these foods because of their ingredients. Eating only one without the other is going nowhere actually. For example, nuts are proven to be a good way how you can fight to prevent diabetes or coronary heart disease. Their unique composition makes them a good and useful way how you can prevent any of those diseases from occurring. The same goes for legumes and grains.

Their unique compositions make them just perfect for decreasing risks of heart disease. These types of foods are also rich in soluble fiber, a type of fiber that is capable of decreasing risks of heart disease. One more good thing about whole grains is that they reduce the risks of obesity which is a cause of many diseases. Legumes, grains and nuts keep you healthy.